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Congratulations! You are finally at the end of nearly a decade of study. Your Bachelor’s degree was interesting but student life was more fun than lectures. Your Master’s degree was tough but rewarding, and now, with your PhD reaching its climax, it is time to think up 80,000 words that eloquently explain your findings.


This is where a quality, high end, dissertation writing service can help. Imagine, a custom dissertation written on your behalf by a professional academic writer.  When you need help writing a dissertation there are affordable, reliable, online dissertation writers that can assist you.

Dissertation Types

The problem that many students find with writing a dissertation is that they are often just expected to know how to write one. Worse still, students are expected to write a dissertation, which is a considerable amount of writing at any level of study, of a high enough standard that they will gain a good grade for the finished product.

If this sounds like you, it might then surprise you to learn that there are many types of dissertations. Empirical, non-empirical, and narrative are just a couple of the types that you can expect to receive from professional dissertation writers.

What dissertation type you write depends on your chosen topic and what you are trying to prove. After all, the aim of a dissertation is to elaborate on how you can prove your thesis.  How you do that, can vary greatly.

If your dissertation aim is to address a particular issue or a behavioral trend then an empirical dissertation would be a firm choice. For an empirical dissertation, data is collected from a particular group of people. These people might pertain to a particular community or social demographic. Your data should be collected in the form of questionnaires, focus groups for example. However, if your aim is to prove a theory you have, then your best fit might be a non-empirical dissertation that requires a presentation of analysis rather than gathered data.

How To Write a Dissertation

A common error for students under pressure is that they attempt to fit all of their research into their dissertation.  A dissertation forms a significant part of your body of research but is a support act to your main scholarly studies. This is why many find it more effective to find dissertation writing help.  Having dissertations written for you takes off considerable pressure. It means that you can step back from the sheer panic of that looming dissertation deadline and put more thought into the content that you will provide to your chosen custom dissertation writing service.

No matter what the topic, writing a dissertation generally follows set steps of creation. First, you will need to finalize what topic you plan on researching.  The structure of the final dissertation has set elements, they are:

Chapter 1: The Introduction

This is where you introduce the problem that your dissertation research addresses and explain why it is important. The introduction should be written in a way that it is suitably formal, yet clear enough that anyone who picks up a copy might understand.

Chapter 2: Explaining Definitions

As much as the academic world loves its own jargon and acronyms, any non-standard definitions used in your dissertation must be explained upfront. Never assume that your professor or peers will understand what seems obvious to you.

Chapter 3: Abstract

Here you summarise what your aims are and what your findings are. You should also summarise your research methods and any significant findings from your research.

Chapter 4: Your Methods

In this chapter explain the different methods or research you used or/and any experiments undertaken within your dissertation research. This is an opportunity to explain how you executed your methods. Touch on why those methods were chosen, but don’t dwell on this. Throughout your dissertation, keep aim and outcome at the forefront of your mind. These are the backbone of your dissertation.

Chapter 5: Your Results

The results form much of the body of your dissertation. You should present your final research results. Also, your analysis of those results.  Keep things interesting and try not to lose readers in your excitement about your results. If it helps the dissertation flow easier, include graphs and charts to show your data results.

Chapter 6: Conclusion

This is where students of all levels, high school, university, graduate and master’s come undone. The conclusion of a dissertation is an important, if not the most important, part of the paper. You have done the research, you have presented your findings, now you must tie it all up in a logical bow that everyone can understand.  In your conclusion, you should review to remind the reader of the problem and then make conclusions from the results of your research that answer that problem.

Dissertation Examples

Reviewing dissertation examples can help you better understand the structure required and the level of detail included. It will also help you understand the grammatical tense and terminology that should be used. From students in college dorms across the USA, and writers from PhD writing services around the world, including the UK, Australia and everywhere in between, there are people writing dissertations everywhere, all the time. This means there is never a shortage of examples for you to source inspiration from.  Some of the best dissertation examples can be found below.

Leeds University in the UK has a very useful online library where you can filter their best examples of dissertations from undergraduates and MA students. There are no end of great examples, including this one from the Leeds University School of Mathematics – Epidemic Modelling by Ross Breckon or this one, from their school of Earth and Environment Single-use plastic reduction at UK higher learning institutions – Motivations and best practice (PDF)

When looking for dissertation examples, try to stick to the more recent publications. Some Universities are still striving to upload a backdated catalog. Others like the University of Portsmouth have their finger on the pulse and have the most recent papers available to peruse.  Postmodern identities and the breakdown of boundaries in Angela Carter’s Fireworks and The Bloody Chamber is particularly well written.

Online Dissertation Writers

If you have decided that you need help with your dissertation then rest assured that there are professional, trusted dissertation writers available.

The writers that you will find will vary, some will be cheap, some will be quick – often offering a turnaround of 3 hours.  This is why it is vital to research the best dissertation writing service for your needs. Legitimate sites will be transparent about their writers and their experience.

Many writers are former PhD students who discovered they had a knack for writing papers and are now using their gift to help pay off their hefty student loans. Others are professional writers, journalists, academics and more.  They are nearly always native English speakers from the UK, USA, Australia or Canada.

When you pay a writer for dissertation writing help. You can expect the best.  Unlike you and everyone else in your shoes, your chosen dissertation writer (and yes, you can pick your own) have only your paper to focus on.  Writers are thoroughly screened and tested before dissertation services hire them and they are then rated and reviewed by every customer they have written for.  The ratings are visible on the dissertation writing service websites.

Dissertation writing services

It is not always an easy decision to hire a service or buy a custom dissertation.  Finding a company that you trust and that suits your needs is essential.

Some dissertation writing services offer a variety of options. With the information provided by you about your title and proposed problem, you can get help with a full dissertation or part. Think of it as an extra pair of hands to type.

The best dissertation services offer guarantees of confidentiality, plagiarism free, and 24 hour turn around. Others offer a money back guarantees and original writing.  These are all things to look out for when picking a dissertation service.  With minimum research, you should also find a service offering discounts for first time customers. Be sure to balance discount offers with the quality of service on offer though.

Custom dissertations

Perhaps you are wondering how it is possible for an online service and a writer that you have never met to provide you with a custom dissertation.

College dissertations have become big business the world over. This has created a healthy competition between businesses and thus created business services that are sophisticated in their offerings.  When you select an online dissertation service, you will be asked to submit details about the paper you are outsourcing.  Standard information that you will need to have ready is:

  • The Type of paper
  • Discipline
  • Title
  • Academic level
  • Instructions
  • Any additional materials
  • Paper format (e.g. APA Dissertation or APA Dissertation)
  • Deadline
  • Number of Pages
  • Number of sources to be cited
  • Charts/PowerPoint slides
  • Writer preferences (Choose from a standard writer up to a writer who has been highly ranked in your particular discipline)

Write My Dissertation

Whatever your area of expertise, there is a dissertation writer with a writer that has paralleled experience if not more than you do.

Not every student is an excellent writer.  Unless you are a student of literature or English, you may have little to zero interest in writing a chunky final paper.  It seems unfair that you should be judged on your ability to write a thesis rather than only your research and findings.

The beauty of having a professional writer on your side is that they can take everything you know (give them absolutely every scrap of research you have) and present it back in a way that helps your research stand out rather than have bad grammar and a limited vocabulary take away focus from your brilliant findings.

Buy dissertation

Maybe you are wondering why people buy dissertations.  There are many reasons.  Being a student is not cheap or easy and juggling jobs, family and study is hard.  Some people do not work well under pressure and will crumble at the idea of a looming dissertation deadline.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dissertation Services

How long does a dissertation have to be?

This depends on your study level. Undergrad students are usually given a minimum of 15,000 words. Master’s students get an additional 10-40 thousand words and PdD’s can expect to write minimum of 80,000.

Can anyone write a dissertation?

No, it is hard but anyone can try.

I am struggling to complete my dissertation, what will happen if I don’t finish it?

This depends largely on your university.  If you think that you will struggle to make the deadline, speak to a professor immediately.  Some professors are compassionate and offer extensions.

Is there a dissertation structure?

Yes, a basic dissertation structure includes:

  • Introduction
  • Explanation
  • Definitions
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusion

How soon should I start my dissertation?

Never assume that it will be a quick or easy process. Start planning and practicing as early as you can.  Break down the dissertation structure and plan out what you will need to do/find to complete each section. When it comes to a dissertation, you can never stary too early but you can definitely start too late.

What dissertation topic should I choose?

Only you can decide this. If you are completely flummoxed, speak to a professor.

Your topic should be something you are passionate about. Something that you can logistically research and something that you will be able to keep momentum on when writing thousands of words about it

Which online dissertation writing service is the best one?

There is no one-fits-all online dissertation service. Do your research on review sites like Trustpilot and Google reviews for legitimate feedback on the sites that do what they offer. Look for services that have everything you offer and also suit your budget.

Are a dissertation and a thesis the same?

These two words are interchanged more and more often. Theoretically, a dissertation is at PhD level and a thesis is at Master’s level.  However, even universities interchange them in their literature. Try not to focus on which is which and focus on exactly what your professor has asked you to do, specifically the content and length.

How much should I pay for a dissertation online?

Prices and budgets vary. Pay for what you can afford but know that you get what you pay for Skimping on your dissertation budget might not bare the fruits you hope for.

Is it illegal to use a dissertation writing service?

There is no law against using dissertation writing services.

Will I meet my dissertation writer to give my instructions to them?

This is unlikely that you will meet the writer. Dissertation writing services often employ remote workers who work from home. You should, however, have access to a portal where you can chat online and in some instances, you might video call. The dissertation writing service websites are very sophisticated and allow you to upload no end of instructions and notes.